High School & Graduation Requirements

We follow the same requirements for a standard high school diploma in the state of Florida. However, standardized assessments are not required. Students must pass the required courses, earn a minimum number of credits (24), and earn a minimum grade point average to graduate from SSHA (2.0). Students must complete a minimum of one full year at SSHA (a minimum of their senior year) to graduate.

Our 2020 Graduation Ceremony & Celebration will take place on May 21, 2020 at the Woman's Club in Sanford and will begin at 6:00 PM. The cost to participate in our ceremony & celebration is $55. More information and registration can be found here. We hope you celebrate your success with us!!

Course Requirements:

  • 4 credits in English Language Arts

  • 4 credits in Mathematics (one credit must be Algebra 1; one credit must be Geometry)

  • 3 credits in Natural Science (one credit must be Biology 1; two credits must include a lab; two additional credits must be rigorous in comparison to Biology 1)

  • 3 credits in Social Science (one credit must be in World History; one credit must be in U.S. History; one-half credit must be in U.S. Government; one-half credit must be in Economics with Financial Literacy)

  • 1 credit in Fine or Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or Practical Arts

  • 1 credit in Physical Education

  • 8 credits in Electives (two credits in Foreign Language is recommended for students who plan to go to college)


*Note that if your student has an IEP or 504 plan or other documentation related to a disability or recommended learning accommodations please notify SSHA so that we can determine the best requirements needed for graduation. 



  • It is the parents responsibility to ensure that the above classes have been completed throughout High School (9th-12th)


  • Grade point averages and course grade forgiveness will be conducted in accordance with Florida Statutes.


  • High School Course Review ($25): For students who have completed all of their high school credits with SSHA and have been enrolled in SSHA since the beginning of the 9th grade, the High School Course Review must be completed at the beginning of the 12th grade. The course review will include information related to all courses completed during 9th, 10th, and 11th grade along with courses in progress during the 12th grade. The information provided should include the name of the course, a course description, materials used in the course, the year the course was taken, your students grade in the course, and how the grade was determined. Final grades for courses in progress during the 12th grade will be due at the end of your students senior year to qualify for graduation. The information provided in the course review will be used to prepare your seniors transcripts. The current fee for the High School Course Review is $25.

  • High School Transfer Credit Verification ($20 per academic year): SSHA gladly accepts transfer students during high school and is happy to verify transfer credits. For students who transfer to SSHA after completing one or more years of high school, the Transfer Credit Verification Form must be completed upon enrollment in SSHA. The information provided on the form should include the name of the course, a course description, materials used in the course, the year the course was taken, your students grade in the course, how the grade was determined, and where the course was completed. Verifiable documentation for each course is also required. Fees associated with transfer credit verification are $20 per academic year.

  • Graduation Ceremony with Diploma ($55): A graduation ceremony may be offered in central Florida where graduating seniors can experience a personalized senior celebration along with their high school diploma. Information regarding this option will be emailed to current seniors and cannot be purchased directly from the SSHA website. The cost of the combined graduation ceremony and high school diploma is $55.


  • Send inquiries regarding Graduation requirements to SSHA@mail.com


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