Fee Schedule

New Student Enrollment Fees

The following fees are effective May 1, 2020


Grades k-8

  • New Student Enrollment (June-September): $40

  • Mid-Year Student Enrollment (October-May): $50


Grades 9-12

  • New Student Enrollment (June-September): $75

  • Mid-Year Student Enrollment (October-May): $100

  • Transfer Credit Verification (if applicable): $30 for each grade level completed prior to joining SSHA ($30 for 9th grade; $30 for 10th grade; $30 for 11th grade; if applicable; transfer students only)

Families enrolling more than two students can receive a 15% discount on new student enrollment fees for additional students

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New Student Enrollment Form


Returning Student Fees


Grades k-8

  • Each subsequent year enrollment (returning student) or grade change (by August 1st): $30


Grades 9-12

  • Each subsequent year enrollment (returning student) or grade change (by August 1st): $50


Late fees will be applied to returning students after August 1st until August 15th ($15)


After August 15th those who have not re-enrolled in SSHA will be automatically withdrawn from SSHA and will need to re-enroll in SSHA if they wish to return.


Senior Fees


  • Request to Graduate: $60 (includes high school diploma without cover and one copy of official transcripts)

  • Black Cover for Diploma: $15


Optional Services


  • Report Cards: $20 each quarter by request (optional)

  • Progress Check: $30 each quarter by request (optional) [Progress checks can be completed at the end of each quarter and include a review of work completed and progress made during the quarter period. A discussion with the educator is provided and a report card is issued.]

  • Education Consultations/Counseling: $30/hour (optional) [Educational consultations/counseling can include reviewing your current curriculum selection or assisting you in making a selection. It can include verifying where your student currently is in their academic path and what needs to be accomplished to reach educational goals. It can also include recommendations regarding learning strategies, learning disabilities, and varying abilities in education.]


Miscellaneous Fees


  • Rush fee for 3-day processing of documents: $15

  • Revised Transcript, Report Card, or Records due to parent error: $15

  • Transcripts for SSHA Graduates: $20 per request (graduating seniors receive an official high school diploma and one copy of their official transcripts)

  • Returned Check Fee: $25

  • Late Processing Fee (attendance, grades, etc.): $20


All fees are payable at the time of enrollment or service and are non-refundable

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