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Fee Schedule

New Student Enrollment Fees

The following fees are effective May 28, 2021. New student enrollment fees are based on grade level as well as date of enrollment. Only one enrollment fee is due per student each academic year.


Grades K-8: $90

High School

  • 9th Grade: $150

  • 10th Grade: $225

  • 11th Grade: $300

  • 12th Grade:

    • Beginning of senior year, prior to October 1: $375

    • Mid year senior transfer, after October 1: $450


Records and/or transcripts from previous schools for all classes taken and grades earned in high school level courses are required. The enrollment fees include applicable fees to verify transfer credit for incoming students.

Families enrolling more than two students can receive a 15% discount on new student enrollment fees for additional students.

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Returning Student Fees


Grades k-8

  • Each subsequent year enrollment (returning student) or grade change$40


Grades 9-12

  • Each subsequent year enrollment (returning student) or grade change: $70


Senior Fees


  • Request to Graduate: $90 (includes high school diploma with cover and one copy of official transcripts, shipping included)

  • Bright Futures Scholarship Processing: $70 (optional)

  • Common App Processing for College Admissions: $70 (optional)


Optional Services


  • Report Cards: $20 each quarter by request (optional)

  • Progress Check: $45 each quarter by request (optional) [Progress checks can be completed at the end of each quarter and include a review of work completed and progress made during the quarter period. A discussion with the educator is provided and a report card is issued.]

  • Customized Student ID Cards: $25 per student ID card, which includes a photo of your student (optional)

  • Education Consultations/Counseling: $45/hour (optional) [Educational consultations/counseling can include reviewing your current curriculum selection or assisting you in making a selection. It can include verifying where your student currently is in their academic path and what needs to be accomplished to reach educational goals. It can also include recommendations regarding learning strategies, learning disabilities, and varying abilities in education.]

  • Course Planning Assistance: $45/hour (optional) [Assistance with developing a new course, includes syllabus development, scheduling, course mapping, state standards comparison, and more.]

  • End of year certificate (grades K-8): $20


Miscellaneous Fees


  • Rush fee for 3-day processing of documents: $20

  • Revised Transcript, Report Card, or Records due to parent error: $20

  • Transcripts: $25 per request (graduating seniors receive an official high school diploma and one copy of their official transcripts)

  • Records request: 30 per request (includes all student documents, including final transcript, on file sent to the requested party)

  • Returned Payment Fee: $25

  • Late Processing Fee (attendance, grades, etc.): $20

  • Reinstatement Fee: $50


All fees are per-student and payable at the time of enrollment/service. All fees are non-refundable. Any fees not paid on time will result in a recurring late processing fee ($20) each month until paid in full. Payment must be received prior to receiving any services.

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