Enrollment in SSHA is available to students in grades K–12. If you would like to register for K, your child must be 5 years old by September 5th of the year “school” would start. Students must complete all coursework prior to their 21st birthday in order to earn their high school diploma. Enrollment includes record keeping services, FLVS enrollment, and educator and student identification cards. Supplementary fees are associated with additional services.

We process enrollments each Friday after receiving all required documentation and tuition fees. Expedited services (same day and weekend enrollments) are available for an additional fee.

We are a year-round school and accept enrollments on an on-going basis. If you are currently registered as a homeschooler with your county, you will need to submit a Notice of Termination to your county prior to enrolling in SSHA. Once enrolled with SSHA, you have 365 days to complete your child’s 180 days of required attendance. The requirements for enrollment are below. Please make sure these documents are received within 30 days of completing the New Student Enrollment Form.

Requirements for Enrollment

1) Complete the New Student Enrollment Form.

2) Copy of your child’s birth certificate.

3) Student Health Examination (HRS-H Form 3040) or waiver form

4) Florida Certificate of Immunization (HRS Form 680) or waiver form.  

5) Enrollment fee

(All documents must be current, and the Student Health Examination and Florida Certificate of Immunization must be less than one year old. Email all documents to SSHA@mail.com)


Enrollment Fees

New student: $25

Returning student: $20

Same day or weekend enrollment: $40

Subsequent enrollments: $20

(Students are enrolled annually and with each grade level change)

SSHA is happy to offer sibling discounts with enrollment and other fees for families that are enrolling more than two students with SSHA.

To enroll your child for a new school year or a new grade within the same 365 days, complete the Returning Student Enrollment Form and select "Returning Student" from the drop down menu to send payment. Make sure you enroll in a timely manner as we are unable to backdate enrollments for any reason.


Grade Change: You must re-enroll your child with each grade level change or placement. Make sure you include your attendance record with your enrollment form (Returning Student Enrollment Form). If your child is changing grade levels within the 365 days but has not yet completed 180 of attendance, your attendance record must demonstrate regular attendance for re-enrollment. Please indicate the start date with SSHA and select "Subsequent Enrollment" from the drop down menu to submit payment.

Former Students: If your child's school term ended or if your child withdrew from SSHA, a new school term will begin when you complete the Returning Student Enrollment Form. Please indicate the start date of education with SSHA and select "Returning Student" from the drop down menu to submit payment.

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