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New Student Enrollment Form

Attendance: SSA requires 180 days of attendance/instruction. Attendance is reported annually, by July 31st each year. The amount of hours spent doing school each year may vary based on your state but should generally average to the following:

K: 3 hours a day

Grades 1-3: 4 hours a day

Grades 4-12: 5 hours a day

Course Plan: The course plan is used to help parents establish a clear plan for the academic year and each course. Specific requirements for the course plan will be provided upon enrollment.

Grades: Grades for all courses are due at the end of each quarter. 


Annual Requirements: By the end of each year, currently enrolled students must:

  • Report annual attendance (180 days are required) 

  • Report final grades for all courses completed 

  • Pay the returning student fee. 

  • High school students may have additional annual requirements 


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