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Grades K-5: SSA’s elementary curriculum includes online video-based instruction with an adaptive mastery approach in both reading and math. Each student’s learning environment is tailored specific to their needs with targeted instruction. Our science and social studies curriculum include hands-on, project-based activities, as well as artistic expression in learning. Our science and social studies curriculum ease parents into guiding at home educational activities and builds confidence among students and parents simultaneously. 


Grades 6-8: SSA’s middle school curriculum is an engaging experience that includes an adaptive mastery-based focus with personalized learning experiences, targeted instruction, and an emphasis on student academic success. Courses included project-based assignments that strengthen critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.


Grades 9-12: SSA’s high school curriculum well prepares students for academic success and success after graduation. Our curriculum includes personalized learning and targeted instruction. By eliminating busy work, courses support student personal and academic growth. Writing opportunities are teacher graded with feedback provided to help students reach their full potential. With over 300 courses available, this curriculum includes all core courses, as well as a plethora of elective and preparation courses.



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