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New Student Enrollment Form

Attendance: SSHA requires 180 days of attendance/instruction. Attendance is reported annually, by July 31st each year. Attendance is reported here. The amount of hours spent doing school each year may vary based on your state but should generally average to the following:

K: 3 hours a day

Grades 1-3: 4 hours a day

Grades 4-12: 5 hours a day

Course Plan: The course plan is used to help parents establish a clear plan for the academic year and each course. Specific requirements for the course plan will be provided upon enrollment.

Grades: Grades for all courses are due at the end of each quarter. Grades are reported here.


Annual Requirements: By July 31 of each year, currently enrolled students must:

  • Report annual attendance (180 days are required) 

  • Report final grades for all courses completed 

  • Pay the returning student fee. 

  • High school students may have additional annual requirements 


End-of-Year Testing: SSHA believes that it should be left up to each family to make a decision on if end-of-year testing is needed for the student(s), unless required by your state’s legal statutes.


Curriculum Options: With SSHA, you can choose the curriculum that best suits your student and family. Families should select curriculum that fits your students' abilities, learning style, interests, and talents as well as their budget. SSHA is committed to allowing families to structure their courses based on student ability. As such, if your student has an IEP, 504 plan, or diagnosed disability please let us know upon enrollment so that we can work as a team and plan accordingly for your student's success. SSHA is affiliated with FLVS, which allows students to take free online courses via the FLVS Flex option if they choose. Additional curriculum options by grade level will be provided upon enrollment. If you would like to consult SSHA as you select your curriculum for the academic year, a consultation fee of $40 per hour will apply (see our Fee Schedule). Curriculum is not included when enrolling in SSHA. 

Would you like SSHA to gather your student’s curriculum for you?

This saves parents the time of sorting through suggested curriculum, trying to find the best fit. Outlined below are the cost of curriculum per grade level, which can be ordered through SSHA. Prices include tax, shipping costs, and any PayPal fees associated with ordering through SSHA. The curriculum is intended to last the entire academic year or grade level and is non-faith-based (secular) to respect the diversity among our families. Parents will send the curriculum cost directly to SSHA and SSHA will take it from there. SSHA will order the curriculum for you and have it mailed directly to your door. There isn’t anything else you need to do. Yes, curriculum can be pricey. The cost of curriculum each year depends on how you choose to structure your school year and the type/modality of curriculum selected. 

Purchasing curriculum through SSHA is not required. It is only an option to obtain the curriculum for the year. All curriculum below includes traditional curriculum with physical books, workbooks, etc. and covers all required subjects for SSHA. 

Kindergarten: $1,120

First Grade: $1,220

Second Grade: $1,105

Third Grade: $1,210

Fourth Grade: $1,160

Fifth Grade: $1,180

Sixth Grade: $1,180

Seventh Grade: $1,200

Eighth Grade: $1,260

The 8th grade curriculum does not include the course on career and education planning. That course can be taken at no additional cost online via Also note that Algebra 1 is taken in 8th grade using this curriculum selection and SSHA students are given high school math credit for the course.

Ninth Grade: $1,190

Tenth Grade: $1,500

Eleventh Grade: $1,410

Twelfth Grade: $1,610

Drivers’ education and World Languages, which are common elective courses in high school, are not included in the high school curriculum. These courses can be taken at no additional cost online via

The options listed above do not apply to students who are transferring to SSHA during high school. Transfer students will need customized curriculum to meet their graduation requirements. If you'd like to take advantage of SSHA customizing curriculum for your student, we are happy to do so and provide a curriculum cost based on your students' academic needs. The fee to customize your student's curriculum is $40, which will be applied to the cost for the curriculum. Should you decide to not purchase the curriculum through SSHA after it has been selected, the $40 fee is non-refundable and will be viewed as a consultation fee.

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