Parents and caregivers must keep accurate attendance records in order to remain in compliance with Florida’s compulsory attendance law. Attendance records are due annually as well as upon grade level completion. We will email reminders before attendance reporting is due. 

You must begin recording your child’s attendance or lack of attendance for each school day once your child is enrolled in SSHA. 

Important tips recording attendance records:

1) You do not need to do a specific number of instructional hours on a school day. However, the amount of hours spent doing school each year should average to the following. Additionally, 180 days of attendance/instruction are required annually:

K: 3 hours a day

Grades 1-3: 4 hours a day

Grades 4-12: 5 hours a day

2) You decide what counts as a school day. Instruction does not have to take place at home. Let the world be your classroom!

3) A log of activities and a portfolio are not required. However, it is a good idea to keep record of the subjects covered, materials used, and educational events and field trips, especially during high school (9th-12th grades).

4) Your child does not have to wait 365 days before advancing to the next grade level. You will know when he or she is ready to move up.

5) Attendance records are due annually, regardless of start date, as well as upon grade level completion, whichever comes first.

6) You will submit attendance records to us by completing the Attendance Recording Form. 


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