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Welcome to Sunshine State Homeschool Academy!

**Prior to registering make sure you either (1) officially withdraw from the current school you are attending OR (2) send in your letter of termination if you are currently registered as a homeschooler with your county. 

**When registered with SSHA your student is considered a "private school" student and you should not send a letter of intent to homeschool to your county. Registering with SSHA is all you need to do. 

**SSHA is in the process of changing the name of the school to "Sunshine State Academy K-12."

**SSHA is not a direct pay provider for any Florida Scholarship program and is considered a reimbursable homeschool option for those receiving the FES-UA.

SSHA is now accepting new students for the 2022-2023 academic year!

Due to the increase of our student body all requests will be processed within 5-7 business days. Thank you for understanding!

Due to an increase in interest in SSHA, we are unable to discuss SSHA in length with each parent prior to enrollment. Please review the information provided on our website and review our FAQ page. If you still have questions, send an email to

Enrollment in SSHA does not include any electronic devices, curriculum, or in person or online classes. SSHA does not provide tutoring or drop off services of any kind. SSHA is an umbrella school for homeschooling families and families are solely responsible for the education of their students. The benefits of enrolling in SSHA and our requirements are outlined on our website. 

About SSHA

Sunshine State Homeschool Academy (SSHA) provides a low-cost virtual private ("umbrella") school for families who choose to educate their children at home. While SSHA serves as an "umbrella" or covering for Florida families, we also offer our services to most U.S. states and territories. We cater to students in grades K–12. We also provide year-round enrollment so that families can educate their children on the schedule that best suits their needs and lifestyle. We are listed in the Florida Department of Education's Directory of Private Schools. We provide services related to record keeping, enrollment verification, report cards, high school diplomas, and transcripts. We also offer optional social and educational events and field trips, academic extracurricular activities, and other services to help families in their educational endeavor. To help keep our fees low we are always accepting donations, which are greatly appreciated!


Our mission is to provide an "umbrella" covering for Florida families so that parents may educate their children in a manner that best fits their goals and lifestyle. We hope to provide an opportunity for families to provide a stimulating and caring education program in their home that allows each student to reach their full potential by having the ability to learn in a way that best suits their ability and interests. Students enrolled in SSHA can graduate from our program and receive a high school diploma. SSHA also offers a modified high school diploma, a secondary education completion certificate, and an honors high school diploma. Our high school students can also earn dual credit or dual enrollment at various colleges and universities across the state! Our graduates should be prepared for a variety of options after graduation with the ability to excel in life.


Sunshine State Homeschool Academy admits students of any creed, race, color, national origin, religion, and/or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities that are made available or offered to students enrolled at SSHA. SSHA is not affiliated with any religious or political group and our families do not need to sign any statement of faith. We believe that all families should be accepted entirely and that all students should be appreciated for who they are.

Join SSHA today!

New Student Enrollment Form


  • You take the lead and work with SSHA, rather than the state, in educating your students

  • Select the curriculum that works best for you from our list of recommendations or curriculum you find yourself

  • Access to free FLVS Flex class, if desired

  • Each family only pays for services they need or want

  • Report grades and attendance for accountability

  • Personalized assistance when needed from a developmental psychologist with over 12 years of homeschool experience

  • We are registered with the college board

  • We work with NCAA students 

  • Dual enroll with Seminole State College, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Lake Sumter College, Polk State College, Jacksonville University!

  • We participate in the Bright Futures Scholarship

  • Report cards and transcripts, if desired

  • Graduate with a High School Diploma

  • Affiliated with FLVS and HSLDA to better serve families

  • Affiliated with Florida Homeschool Association

  • Opportunities for in person events, dances, parties, field trips, and clubs/organizations

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Grades k-8
Grades 9-12
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Sunshine State Homeschool Academy was founded in July 2018. SSHA is a Department of Education registered and recognized private school in the state of Florida (#5624). SSHA is in compliance with Florida private school statutes. Enrollment in SSHA legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. SSHA is directed by Dr. Chrysalis Wright, who is a mother of six and has homeschooled her children while working for over 14 years. Dr. Wright is a developmental psychologist and provides additional services related to parent and family life coaching, development during childhood and adolescence, life balance, time management, discipline and instruction, large family coaching, media use and monitoring, and so on. Dr. Wright works full time in her field and is very active at the local and national level. It is not likely that you will find another "umbrella" school in Florida directed by a developmental psychologist. Our Administrative Office is located in Orange County, Florida.


You can contact SSHA via


Please email to make an appointment

Text: 407-300-4212

**Feel free to text this number during regular business hours. Phone calls without a scheduled appointment will be declined.**

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