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Sunshine State Homeschool Academy does much more than provide a low-cost virtual private school for Florida families choosing to educate their children at home. In addition to record keeping, enrollment verification and report cards when requested, high school diplomas, and transcripts, we also provide optional social and educational events and field trips, academic extracurricular activities, and access to other services to help families in their educational endeavor.

Once enrolled in SSHA, you will receive a confirmation email containing our Attendance Recording Form and your SSHA Identification Card along with a personalized invitation to join our online community. This is our “sister” group that is used to plan numerous social and educational events, meet-ups, and field trips year-round for members. You will also receive a specific list of social and education opportunities currently available for students of Sunshine State Homeschool Academy, along with information regarding curriculum discounts and tutoring services that are made available as options for our students for additional fees. Additionally, you will receive information regarding the academic clubs that we offer SSHA students. Some clubs are completely free, and others cost a fee due to their status and national registration requirements.

Because SSHA charges minimal fees for enrollment services and record keeping, additional services can be requested for additional fees. 

SSHA provides additional services including:

Education Consultations ($30/hour): SSHA is happy to help you in your education journey by providing optional education consultations. This can include reviewing your current curriculum selection or helping you make a selection (such as course planning and curriculum reviews). It can include verifying where your student currently is in their academic path and what needs to be accomplished to reach educational goals (such as grade and progress review, credit verification, and guidance advising). Education consultations can also include recommendations regarding learning strategies, learning disabilities, and varying abilities in education. Please complete the Education Consultation Request form to request this service. 

Report Cards ($15): SSHA offers report cards as an optional service. To request a report card to be issues please completed the Report Card Request Form.

Progress Check ($30): SSHA offers optional progress check-ins, every six weeks. These include a review of work completed and progress made during the six-week period, an optional discussion with the parent, and a six-week report card.

Diploma ($30): Students can request to graduate from SSHA once they have completed a minimum of one full year (senior year) at SSHA and have completed the High School Course Review (additional $25). A diploma to indicate completion of our high school graduation requirements is included. More information can be found under our graduation requirements.

Transcripts ($15): Transcripts can be requested by completing the Transcript Request Form. Each transcript request is $15. More information can be found under our graduation requirements.

Graduation Ceremony with Diploma ($50): A graduation ceremony may be offered in central Florida where graduating seniors can experience a personalized senior celebration along with their high school diploma. Information regarding this option will be emailed to current seniors and cannot be purchased directly from the SSHA website. More information can be found under our graduation requirements​




Sunshine State Homeschool Academy is directed by Chrysalis Wright, Ph.D.

Chrysalis Wright, Ph.D. is a mother of six and has homeschooled for almost 9 years. She is also a developmental psychologist and provides additional services related to parent and family life coaching, developmental milestones and progression, early childhood education, adolescent development and family life, emotional and behavioral health related to the entire family, life balance, time management, discipline and instruction, large family coaching, peer pressure and relationships, family relationships, stress related to family changes, stress associated with parental separation or divorce, media use (television, social media, music media, internet use, video games) and monitoring, and so on. To inquire of these and related services please email SSHA@mail.com for more information.

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