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Homeschool Help

Do you need some Homeschool Help but aren’t ready to enroll with SSHA and are registered as a homeschooler in your county or state? The following homeschool services are offered to those not registered with SSHA. 

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Grading Guidance: $40/hour

Portfolio Guidance: $40/hour

End of Year Report Cards: $30

High School Transcripts: $50

Student ID Cards: $35

Ceremonial Diplomas: $50 without cover; $75 with cover

If you’d like an Official High School Diploma recognized by the Florida Department of Education, you will need to register with SSHA and meet our qualifications to graduate.

Annual Virtual Evaluations: Coming Soon

Choice Navigator: Coming Soon

Click here to order homeschool related services

*Report cards, transcripts, student ID cards, and diplomas will not include SSHA credentials as these services are provided to non-SSHA students.**

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